Qaddoo - Launches on Kickstarter

Qaddoo - Socialize like you never have!

With full control of your identity, you decide when, what and how much you share. Qaddoo gives you an opportunity to talk to people who share similar interests as you and it does so without you having to risk your identity—all in real time!
Qaddoo is designed for people who are at a certain place and are looking to interact with people to discover useful information to make their experience more enjoyable; or for people who wish to break the ice with like minded people without the risk of first revealing personally identifiable information.

FIREFLY - Join All, Be One

A unique feature of Qaddoo is Firefly. At an event like a Concert or a Sports Game, the TAN owner can create a firefly event which is visible to everyone at that location and the users using Qaddoo can join the Firefly. Once users join Firefly, at the event start time, everyone’s flashlight lights up in unison to create a beautifully synchronized dance of lights. This gives a Firefly effect in the concert hall or stadium to cheer up your favorite artist to see all the fans cheer up as “One”. Be the part of this one voice, use Firefly at an event to believe.

Amazing Features

Create a TAN for your sports team at the location you regularly meet, or for your school, a concert or a game, post highlights on the wall, create topics in quads, share pictures and instantly communicate anonymously using chat, the possibilities are endless.

Location based Networks (TANs)

Location based Transient Area Networks provide points of interest for communication

Engagement up to 5 miles radius

Search TANs from 0.1 to 5 miles radius

Multiple communication tools

Multiple ways to communicate with people in the TAN

Engage in events

Create events and engage users in synchronized flashlight display using Firefly

Anonymous communication in your vicinity

Communicate anonymously with who is around by joining TANs that you are interested in

Broadcast through Wall

Paint the broadcast wall and highlight special messages/pictures for people joining the TAN

Anonymous forums and 1:1 chat

Communicate anonymously using Quad, create topics or chat with people in the vicinity

Own the digital real estate

Create reserved TANs and own the digital real estate

How It Works

Qaddoo was born to connect the digital world with the physical world! We are a social being and always want to talk to people around us, whether we know them or not, whether they are our friends or not. Qaddoo is born to bridge that divide and give a way to you to talk to those strangers without revealing your identity.


Anonymity – Be anonymous and in control of your identity unless you wish to share the same.

AwarenessYou will not be at sea during an event because the app lets you speak to people who are already there and share with you information like parking, food, activities etc.

Either create TANs at a points of interest or your current location or join the TANs that people already created and communicate real-time to the people when you and those around you are in 5 miles radius around those points of interest.

Real time engagement. You can engage with users in real-time through personal chat and have fun with the Firefly feature. Don’t rely on reviews which are years old, don’t rely on feedback about the place from the people who visited that place long ago. Communicate real-time, share feedback, share pictures and have fun.

Create a TAN for your soccer club, or a game, a museum, a restaurant, inside a mall, or a retail store, your school or your neighborhood, the possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

Be SelectiveCreate secured TANs (password protected) that only the people that you choose can join using the password.

Create reserved TANs at a physical location that you own and own your digital space too

Create events for TANs and engage with users attending that event in real time and have synchronized display of flashlight during the event using Firefly

Single App – You don’t have to download custom apps for each event you go to, single app works across events and geographies


Contact Us

Qaddoo, Inc.

3494 Camino Tassajara  Suite 125, Danville, CA 94506 USA